Special K's  Goodbye Rain
Special K's So So Mean
Mandolin Rain - Josh Kelley

A beautiful remake of Bruce Hornsby's Mandolin Rain.

Misterwives - Hurricane (Lyric Video)
Message in a bottle...
Drishti Beats - Time Flies
Journey through the rainbow spectrum; from the root chakra, up, and out into the cosmos. As we open our energy channels, our mental, physical, and spiritual awareness aligns in harmonious union. We find our creativity flowing and our connections to one another strengthening. This video was created to facilitate a visual accompaniment to the deep awakening music brings to our lives.
For Your Safety~ a Dreambox Original
Echosmith - March Into The Sun
  Brothers and sister work together in the astral to clear the dreams from the dark cloud in the distance.
Timeflies - Stuck With Me
Portal through the sun to start all over again.
Random Rab Ft. Cedar and Ilya - Falling Tao
A steampunk style adventure featuring the band alongside mixed media art vehicles, stop animated sand castles, an assembly art victrola and much more! Three friends on their journeys... The music they bring to the land they traverse creates new life and they may then reunite through portals bringing them to the "Hall of Records". 
Jumaane Smith (ft. Michael Bublé)
 A boy follows his love of jazz music and his dog follows him everywhere. Until one day, they get separated and must face the night alone.
Snowbird - Porcelain
Do dolls dream of their vibrant past? In Porcelain, we follow a doll through frozen lands as she searches for the little girl who was once her best friend. This video combines a live dancer with frame by frame animation, a real doll , and mixed media sculpture sets; also, a hair dryer and blocks of ice...
Chapell - Giving Her More
A girl searches for meaning through meditation
Chapell - Heros
The lone protester of the local factory calls attention to the devastation of the land finally gains ground when the boss passes and the company is passed down to his granddaughter.
Tacks, the Boy Disaster - Treasure Hunters
 The surreal tale of a character at the mercy of his creator; the frustrated author/artist. When epiphany strikes, the writer's block is lifted and the boy's adventures become as fast paced as  fingers can type.
Goo Goo Dolls - Come To Me (lyric video)

The sweet and timeless story of a couple's love throughout their lives together. Created with paper and fabric textures, and hand drawn animations; a seed turns into a tree as the couple grows old together.

Lanterns On The Lake - Until The Colours Run

Until the Colours Run tells the tale of an impoverished town on a space island, being sucked of its life force by an energy leeching sky octopus. Only the town's astronomer is aware of what is really going on and he enlists the help of a local girl to save the day.

The Polyphonic Spree - Popular By Design

A ginormous spaceship houses the manufacturing of beings with classrooms for their education, eventually leading to being enveloped by white light and attending a polyphonic spree show.

The Polyphonic Spree - Let It Snow

 Hard to picture winter in this imaginary tropical island inhabited by colorful happy peoples? A boy reads a christmas story and snow begins to fall...  

Pick A Piper - All Her Colours

This video was crazy fun to make. The rainbow's colors have been separated and tricked into working against each other by the dark girl who is holding the white light hostage. Don't worry, she'll be freed, and all the colors of the rainbow reunite around our dining room table.

Rachael Boyd - You Need To Stop Looking

Created from individually hand painted elements,after each brush stroke a picture was taken then assembled in After Effects with Rachael's footage to create this watery sumi ink world.

Miaou - Lost Souls FT. Radical Face

The scenic meandering journey of a birdhouse figure through paper trees, a yarn river, and hummingbird darts. Was it all the dream of an inanimate object searching for purpose?

Black Light Dinner Party - Sons And Lovers

The tragedy of a mother's illness while her son reaches for his dreams.

Your Future Lovers - This Song on the Radio

Wow! Our largest miniature set, weighing in at 10'x10'. A small neighborhood complete with art dolls in costume, vehicles, gardens, electrical poles, a yarn pond with bridge, and that ill-fated fire hydrant...or was it...? Stay Tuned.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Alan Chang

Never thought I'd be having this much fun buying up all the Christmas stuff at the thrift stores. And yes, thanks for noticing... I built an elaborate gingerbread house that we only see for a few seconds as Santa rushes off...

Plaid - At Last

A whole tribe of formerly happy little peoples are now frequency manipulated into mining energy orbs for the big guy on the moon until one of the beings wakes up and runs off to find help.

Kelpe- Puds

Three fish play a psychic game with three rounds:

1. creating visible energy trails

2.manifesting great art

3. portaling out of dangerous situations

Naught - Outweighed By Monotonous Impetus

A clove of Garlic is forced to watch TV with his maker, just before DINNER!!!.

Sigur Ros - Rembihnutur (Valtari Mystery Film Contest)

A vintage train ride powered by a fiery heart engine.

Siavash Ghomayshi - Parvaz

Iranian musician, Siavash Ghomayshi, tells the story of two birds living in a cage, when one bird is freed and the other is left with a mirror for company.

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