Trailer for inspiring stories of CBD research and powerful healings.
Clip of interview of Artists for Freedom   the making of Thrive II from the perspective of the arts.
Trailer for  THRIVE II
Created 2d after effects realms, cartoons, motion graphics, and some sparkles!
Hacking Reality - Quantum Gravity Research

The latest film explaining an aspect of the research being done by LA based QGR scientists- The bizarre 8D explained with quirky and fun imagery. 

What Is Reality? - Quantum Gravity Research

Worked with David Jakubovic, creative director of Mad Machine Films, designing and bringing to life animated content for this amazing documentary.

The Need To Grow - Earth Conscious Films

Created animated elements for an incredibly inspiring message regarding the imminent importance of our soil. 

Lotte, that Silhouette Girl - Short Doc

Did you know the first feature animated film, was created by Lotte Reiniger. The Adventures of Prince Achmed, 1926. She also created the first multiplane camera (not disney)and made gorgeous silhouette animations. This short film documents her life in her style and I am so pleased to have been involved as an animator on this project.

Richard Twice - Short Doc

Helped with animations on this short film. Happy to announce the premiere on the The New York Times

Op-Doc channel.

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